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The Grudge


story entries

6.1 M

trailer views


views on the winning animated digital short

We built anticipation and engagement around the movie release of The Grudge through a thrilling writing contest, two scary custom animations, and a trailer takeover of our Horror genre.



Build suspense and engagement around the upcoming theatrical release of The Grudge, and introduce the movie to a new generation of fans.

What we did

  • Enlisted animator Drew Christie to create a terrifying prequel animation about the curse of The Grudge.

  • Invited our community to share their own story inspired by the curse of The Grudge, turning one lucky winner’s entry into a creepy animated digital short!

  • Promoted the movie trailer between chapters of Wattpad’s most relevant stories.

  • Wattpad’s FRIGHT profile was fully rebranded with #TheGrudgeContest.


Our community was both terrified and excited to see the film, and the campaign made a huge impact! It resulted in: 

  • 3.3M views on the prequel video content. 

  • 3.8M+ views on the winning animated digital short. 

  • 2,100+ amazing comments & votes from our community.

“Awe! That gave me amazingly good frightening chills down my spine when I watched the clip! That was so amazing!” - Wattpad community member

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