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of Weeping Willow readers said that they would now be more likely to ignore their phones while driving


social impressions on and off Wattpad


lift in people stating they would choose AT&T as their mobile provider

AT&T leveraged the power of storytelling to drive behavioural change amongst a young and predominantly mobile audience.



AT&T wanted to drive awareness about the risk involved in using a mobile phone while driving and leverage the power of storytelling and video to change consumer perception.

What we did

To really open people’s eyes to the catastrophic consequences of distracted driving, we commissioned our number one influencer, Anna Todd, to write a serialized fictional story with a texting and driving theme, called Weeping Willow.

We promoted the AT&T It Can Wait campaign via full page interstitials to prompt people to watch the It Can Wait video and get people to take the pledge and vow not to text and drive.


The campaign was a huge success! 97% of people who read Weeping Willow said that they would now be more likely to ignore their phones while driving! Additionally:

  • Fans spent more than 277K minutes reading Weeping Willow and the story received more than165K unique reads.

  • Four out of five people stated they would choose AT&T as their mobile provider, a 24% lift from the control group.

  • This campaign generated more than 6 million social impressions.

  • This campaign emotionally resonated with Wattpad’s young audience and prompted a shift in thinking about texting and driving.

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