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Success Stories

Clean & Clear


impressions throughout the campaign

6 in 10

users said the ads stood out compared to other types of advertising


high-quality story submissions

Clean & Clear garners overwhelming emotional response from the Wattpad community!



To generate content around Clean & Clear’s “Be Loud. Be Clear. Be You” mantra, and position their Lemon Face Scrub, Overnight Jelly Mask and Morning Burst Oil Sheets as the leading products that embody this message.

What we did

  • Launched the #BeYou Short Story Challenge on Wattpad, inviting the community to share their personal stories about someone who inspires them to be their true, unique selves.

  • In order to increase awareness of the campaign, Wattpad’s Beauty profile was fully branded with Clean & Clear, becoming the first brand to do a top to bottom takeover of the profile.

  • Media placement on Wattpad stories drove readers to the Short Story Challenge page


  • The #BeYou Short Story Challenge resulted in 1,960 passionate, very high-quality story submissions!

  • In total, the campaign drove more than 7.6M impressions.

  • The campaign drove a more favorable brand rating through a 9% lift in brand consideration, a 15% lift in purchase intent, and a 15% lift in in brand recommendation among those exposed to the campaign.

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