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Wattpad and Maybelline came together to break the stigma around mental health with the #BraveTogether initiative. Together, through words and actions, we increased brand love, created deeper audience connections, and delivered tangible support to those in need. 

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In celebration of Mental Health Awareness Month and National Coming Out Day we launched a two-part campaign under the #BraveTogether initiative to spread awareness about the importance of mental health, all while deepening brand love for Maybelline with Gen Z and Millennials. 


What we did

  • Our first write-a-thon encouraged the community to share their personal stories about mental health on Wattpad’s @Maybelline profile.

  • Our second write-a-thon prompted the community to send a letter of support to their younger selves in relation to their coming out experience, for National Coming Out Day.

  • Launched a custom hub, containing top-to-bottom Maybelline branding, where users could find write-a-thon updates, share comments, and interact with other users about the #BraveTogether initiative. The hub gave the community a platform to connect, support, and lift each other up through these stories and shared experiences.

  • Incorporated an extensive and engaging media plan surrounding the #BraveTogether initiative for Mental Health Awareness Month and National Coming Out Day that included custom display and video units on mobile and web.

  • Enlisted 10 Wattpad influencers to kickstart the write-a-thons and inspire readers to get involved in the discussion.

  • Triggered a $1 donation with every story tagged #BraveTogether, with a goal of up to $10K for each write-a-thon.

  • Kicked off our first-ever branded #WattpadSpeaks event on Youtube We invited Wattpad Stars Jo Watson (@JoWatson_101), Sky Chase (@unfortunatelysky), and Rachel Meinke (@knightsrachel) to take part in an authentic and intimate conversation around mental health, creativity, and community.


The #BraveTogether Write-a-thons resulted in 37,421 entries and received overwhelmingly positive audience sentiment!

  • In total, all media drove over 84M impressions! This engagement reflects the importance of mental health from the two causes across the Wattpad community.

  • We turned the top stories into two mixed media short films.

  • The two-part campaign accumulated more than 221K reads on the contest prompts.

  • The promotion of the #WattpadSpeaks event saw 7.1M impressions, 86K clicks, and 21K likes, comments, and shares across our social media channels.

  • The #BraveTogether initiative drove significant lifts for Brand Consideration, Recommendation, and Favorability, with very positive audience sentiment and high recall.

  • The overall campaign received media attention from Global Cosmetic Magazine and INTO, among others.

  • We hit our story entry goals and donated a total of $35K to Crisis Text Line and The Trevor Project, making a tangible impact on at-risk youth.

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Mental Health Awareness Month 
National Coming Out Day
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Download the PDF