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Wattpad partnered with Maybelline for a second year in a row, to smash the stigma around anxiety and depression in honor of Mental Health Awareness Month 2022.

Maybelline 2022 case study - Phone Website Asset


Prompted the Wattpad community with weekly writing challenges and leveraged human connection to drive awareness of Maybelline’s #BraveTogether initiative and raise funds for 4 different non-profit organizations that support youth mental health.

What we did

  • Launched a month-long campaign with a different writing prompt for each week. Each writing prompt raised funds for different non-profit organizations focused on supporting youth’s mental health.

  • Fully re-skinned and transformed the @Maybelline profile on Wattpad to reflect the 2022 campaign and serve as an informative hub and resource center for the Wattpad community

  • Enlisted 6 Wattpad Creators, including @unfortunatelysky, @knightsrachel, and @emilylindin, to share their real-life experiences with mental health and encourage their fans to participate in the write-a-thon.

  • Executed a full-stack media plan that included custom media assets, native media units, custom targeted media, and in-app home feed carousel takeovers to drive traffic to the @Maybelline profile, the weekly writing challenges, and the #WattpadSpeaks event.

  • Developed a comprehensive social media strategy across 3 channels (Youtube, Twitter, and Facebook) to promote the different initiatives of the campaign.

  • Launched a #WattpadSpeaks event on Mental Health Awareness, featuring three influential Wattpad Creators and New York Times best-selling author of the “After” series Anna Todd, to create a safe space for connection and open discussion on the importance of mental health.


  • This first-to-market write-a-thon generated 57k reads and 7.1k story comments and votes, exceeding last year’s story engagement results by more than 207%!

  • Our media plan drove 44.6M+ total impressions.

  • The partnership attracted significant press coverage from a number of media outlets including, Financial Post, FashionUnited, Cosmetics Business, City Guide New York, Metro Family Magazine, Ever Out, and Uncover LA.

  • Gained 598k+ social media impressions and 18k+ reads in one day from the home feed carousel takeover and push notifications.

  • The #WattpadSpeaks event led by Anna Todd earned 8.1M+ total impressions.

  • We donated a total of $40,000 USD and drove more than 1.1k link clicks to our non-profit organization partners (Sad Girls Club, The Loveland Foundation, The Jed Foundation & The Ali Forney Center) which made a tangible and meaningful impact on Gen Z & Millennials and reinforced the importance of the campaign.

  • Our Wattpadders showed an outpouring of support to these organizations and voiced their gratitude to Wattpad and Maybelline for creating healthy and safe conversations around mental health.