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Microsoft experimented with AI and creative writing engagement through the #WriteWithZo writing contest and feature!



Microsoft wanted to deliver a unique, inspirational experience via an AI creative writing assistant conversational feature.

What we did

  • We invited our community to interact with Zo to get inspiration for their next story.

  • After learning about Zo, they were driven to interact with her via Facebook, Twitter, and other platforms, and then post their story to Wattpad, creating a wave of Zo-inspired tales.

  • We created a @Zo profile with the contest story and promoted it through native ad units, including video, and on Instagram Stories.

  • Two Wattpad influencers wrote original stories based on their conversations with Zo, and prompted their followers to do the same.

  • As a campaign extension, we implemented a Zo activation at WattCon, Wattpad’s highly anticipated conference for writers, where participants were able to chat with Zo to get their next story idea.


The #WriteWithZo writing contest was a huge success, resulting in 802 global story entries! The campaign drove 247k reads on the #WriteWithZo contest story and the :6s video unit had an impressive CTR of 1.61%.

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