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7 in 10

who engaged with the campaign were more likely to recommend T-Mobile


lift in brand consideration

T-Mobile engaged the LGBTQ+ community through the #UnlimitedPride write-a-thon!



T-Mobile wanted to show their support for the LGBTQ+ community by increasing awareness of the history of the Stonewall riots and the role it played in Pride.

What we did

  • Launched the T-Mobile #UnlimitedPride write-a-thon where we challenged our writers to share authentic stories, and educated them on the role the Stonewall riots played in the history of Pride.

  • With the goal of 10,000 entries, we committed to donate $1 to GLSEN, up to $10,000, for every story submitted!

  • The LGBTQ+ profile was fully rebranded with #UnlimitedPride.

  • 4 of Wattpad’s top LGBTQ+ influencers shared their own stories.


Our community was thrilled with the write-a-thon! The campaign resulted in:

  • More favorable brand rating (21% lift) and brand consideration (22% lift) among those who engaged with the campaign.

  • Increased brand awareness post-campaign exposure (95% vs. 86% over control)

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