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story submissions

7 in 10

who engaged with the campaign were more likely to recommend T-Mobile


lift in brand consideration

To honour the history of Pride and the role of the Stonewall riots in catapulting the gay liberation movement, Wattpad and T-Mobile engaged the LGBTQIA+ community through the #UnlimitedPride write-a-thon



T-Mobile wanted to show their support for the LGBTQIA+ community by increasing awareness of the history of the Stonewall riots and the role it played in Pride.

What we did

  • Launched the #UnlimitedPride write-a-thon during Pride month where we challenged the community to share personal stories around a moment that changed their life as a member or ally of the LGBTQIA+ community.

  • Included resources on the contest prompt to shed light on and educate our community about the history of Pride and the gay liberation movement.

  • With the goal of 10,000 entries, we committed to donate $1 to GLSEN, up to $10,000, for every story submitted!

  • Wattpad's LGBTQ+ profile was fully rebranded as T-Mobile's #UnlimitedPride.

  • Drove community reach by sharing the campaign across all social touchpoints.

  • Enlisted 4 of Wattpad’s top LGBTQIA+ influencers including @VSSantoni, @elsetterby, and @LBrooks23 to share their stories and encourage audience engagement.


Our community was excited to participate in the write-a-thon! With more than 14,066 unique entries, the campaign resulted in:

  • Surpassing the story submission goal by more than 40%!

  • 70% of respondents stating that T-Mobile is a service provider they would be proud to use post-campaign

  • 21% lift in brand favourability and a 22% increase in brand consideration amongst those who engaged with the campaign.

  • A 9pt increase in brand awareness in regards to post-campaign exposure (jumping from 86% to 95%).

  • 251K total impressions and 29.8K engagements earned through social media promotional channels.

  • More than 8.6K comments on Wattpad creator content and the write-a-thon prompt.

  • Other creators showed support by tagging their existing stories with #UnlimitedPride, resulting in 27,147 stories tagged on our platform since the program launched in June.

  • Gained incredible media attention from top industry outlets such as MediaPost, Campaign LiveAdAge, Newsweek, Adweek, and more!

  • Donated $10,000 to GLSEN, an American education organization committed to ensuring LGBTQIA+ students are free from discrimination, harassment, and bullying based on sexual orientation, gender identity and gender expression in K-12 schools.

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