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An immersive reading experience like no other.

Wattpad and Tim Hortons brewed up excitement for Tims Cold Brew with our first-ever Choose-Your-Own-Ending campaign. By giving Wattpadders the ability to choose the direction of a story from two beloved Canadian authors by voting for the upcoming chapters, the campaign saw significantly high engagement and an increase in brand affinity.

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To build awareness of the launch of Tim Hortons Cold Brew and drive brand love for Tim Hortons in Canada, we encouraged our community members to participate in the Choose-Your-Own-Ending campaign .


What we did

  • Enlisted Canadian Wattpad Stars, Jessica Cunsolo (@AvaViolet) and Reanne Kennedy (@reannekennedy17) as Cold Brew Creators. Each author wrote a story for the Choose-Your-Own-Ending activation, weaving Tims Cold Brew into their plot lines, and inviting the community to vote for the direction and ending of each story. 

  • Encouraged the Wattpad community to take part in the activation by choosing between 2 ending options for 4 different chapters from the CYOE stories. The two stories incorporated branded moments into their storylines, inspiring users to share their personal anecdotes about Tim Hortons-based memories, directly in the comments. 

  • Episodically released chapters with cliff-hanger endings every Friday to create excitement and pique curiosity. This elicited invested attention and engagement, and kept Tims top-of-mind during the hot summer weekends. 

  • Launched the campaign on Tim Hortons’ custom branded profile where users could find updates, share comments, vote for the next chapter, and interact with users and authors about the initiative.

  • Created and executed a comprehensive media plan to promote our very first branded CYOE writing initiative with custom display and video units on web and mobile.



The Choose-Your-Own-Ending campaign drove incredibly high user engagement and brand love, proving that Tim Hortons is a true Canadian mainstay!

  • The two commissioned stories, “Along The Way” by @AvaViolet and “Coffee With Her” by @reannekennedy17 accumulated 7.9K reads and 4.7K comments!

  • In comparison to other branded stories, we saw a 279% increase in reads, a 179% increase in story votes, and 9,000% spike in comments! The campaign was very well-received by our community, revealing positive brand sentiment.

  • Our video units exceeded benchmarks and delivered 110% of the target impressions goal!

  • The @TimHortons profile on Wattpad reached more than 1.4K dedicated followers, reinforcing brand awareness.

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