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Key Takeaways for Marketers from the Consumer Electronic Show 2018

This month, we're kicking off with giving you the latest and greatest on all things CES. For those who couldn't attend the 51st Consumer Electronics Show (CES), our Brand Partnerships team has got you covered.

Voice: it's here to stay so listen carefully  As voice-enabled devices and virtual assistants like Amazon Echo and Google Assistant continue dominating headlines, we're starting to (prematurely) see how voice can be integrated into "conversational marketing channels".  Marketers need to think beyond functional and emotional benefits of a product and understand how to engage with audiences through the 'sound' sensory, as voice is quickly becoming another avenue to connect with consumers. 

Data driven storytelling:  We know data it still king, but data backed with the power of a community is even better. More and more, brands and partners at C Space this year saw how data and community will be the driving forces of their future marketing and creative strategy. Wattpad is in a unique position as we leverage the power of community, data and technology to unleash the full potential of stories to the world. 

 AR& VR 101:
Immersive technology has been reigning the halls every year at CES, but this year augmented reality seemed to outshine virtual reality. While virtual reality is an immersive non-real world experience, there are current practical consumer use-cases for AR. Examples like Pokemon Go and the Apple Kit show how AR technology has created products and experiences that are slightly more mass-marketable to audiences. 

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