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The Gen Z Census: Canada, from Wattpad

In marketing, brands live and die by data. And in a world where there’s a metric for just about everything, one group refuses to fit into a single checkbox. Gen Z— the cohort of Canadians aged 10-24 born between 1995 and 2009—have tended to elude marketers. After all, how do we quantify or qualify a group of youth whose own self-definitions are constantly evolving? For the first time ever, we’re doing just that. Introducing our first-ever Gen Z Census—our deep-dive into everything Gen Z.

Gen Z hasn’t been accurately captured by census data because they don’t all fit into the same box. So, for our first-ever Gen Z Census, we gave hundreds of them as many boxes as they needed to truly tell us who they are.

What we learned is that Gen Z is a highly coveted, yet poorly understood demographic. Despite being the most diverse group yet, when it comes to representation in marketing, 52% of Canadian Gen Zs reported that they do not feel well-represented. That means there’s a significant marketing opportunity available to those capable of better capturing their lived experience. Striving for better representation in marketing and allowing Gen Z to see themselves in the face of their favourite brands would invoke confidence and a deeper connection

Download the Gen Z Census report to learn how to better represent this generation in your marketing by understanding their viewpoints, sexual preferences, family makeup, ethnicity, future career aspirations, and more.

Click below to download The Gen Z Census: Canada.

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