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Research reveals how COVID-19 has impacted Gen Z- Report

Gen Z & COVID-19 (1)Each generation is shaped by the events that take place during their formative years, and COVID-19 will be one of the moments that defines Gen Z.

During these uncertain times, it’s often hard to adjust your lifestyle, your means of communicating and your mental space to adapt to a new ‘normal’—especially when your health depends on it. To gain further insight into how Gen Z is coping during these times, we turned to our Gen Z youth panel—Generation Wattpad.

Hundreds of Gen Zs told us how COVID-19 has changed their outlook on life and what they expect from brands. Download the full report to learn how marketers can support and connect with their target audience in an unprecedented climate.

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We'll be regularly taping into Wattpad's Gen Z youth panel to gain up-to-date insights on how COVID-19 is impacting them. To receive first access to new insights and our next report, subscribe to our newsletter by clicking below. 


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