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How Gen Z is navigating their new normal- Report

As soon as the national emergency was declared in the U.S., we tapped into Wattpad’s Gen Z youth panel, Generation Wattpad, to find out how COVID-19 was impacting their lives. We learned their number one feeling was boredom, and how they were filling their time reading, on social media, and listening to music more than any other activity. In a follow up survey in late April, we tapped into the panel once again in order to understand how they continue to navigate their new "normal", which is causing them to re-evaluate things like education/school (69%), hobbies (65%) and friendships (59%). The research gave us insights into:

  • What Gen Z is most disappointed to be missing out on
  • Their current content preferences  
  • How their trust in different sources, including brands, has changed
  • What approaches from brands are working (and which ones aren't)
  • How their personal care and beauty routines have shifted...and much more! 

Download the full report by clicking below. 

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