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The Gen Z Show: Identity

In our video series The Gen Z Show, we ask Gen Z questions we know are on the minds of marketers. 

In order to understand Gen Z identity, we tapped into students at The Knowledge Society to ask them how well they fit in with their generation’s stereotype, how social media changes their perception of themselves, and what they believe holds them back from being their truest selves. Watch the latest episode now to find out. 

In a world of digital overload and constant comparison, social media changes the perception Gen Z has of themselves, and the fear of judgement often holds them back from being their truest selves. At the same time, social media has allowed them to see the many different issues going on in the world and be more self-aware. Marketers should look for opportunities to instill self-acceptance and confidence in a generation that is far too often under pressure to look or act a certain way. 

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