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The Gen Z Show: Rapid Fire Questions

In our video series The Gen Z Show, we ask Gen Z questions we know are on the minds of marketers. 

In this bonus episode of The Gen Z Show, we ask students from The Knowledge Society a series of fun rapid fire questions related to their morning routines, their favourite characters and sitcom family, as well as their career aspirations, among others.  Check out the latest episode to find out what Gen Z has to say!



From identifying with Beth Harmon from The Queen's Gambit or Hedwig from Harry Potter, to exploring work in the field of biotechnology or wanting to pursue entrepreneurship, Gen Z is anything but cookie-cutter. Marketers should consider the wide diversity of Gen Z's likes, dislikes, dreams and goals when engaging with them to ensure their unique perspectives are being heard and represented.

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Curious to know what Gen Z thinks about identity and the impact of social media? 

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