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The Gen Z Show: Reflections

Want to understand Gen Z better? We recently sat down with a few Gen Z students at The Knowledge Society and asked them to reflect on the last year as well as look to the year ahead. A deeply pensive generation, they told us what they learned about themselves, what they won't take for granted this year, what they're letting go of, and one thing they plan on adding to their life this year. Watch now to learn how marketers can better understand Gen Z's hopes for the year ahead. 

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When designing marketing campaigns that aim to resonate with Gen Z, brands should keep in mind that they care about continuous self-improvement and that self-care is currently top of mind. Like all of us, they won't take for granted the things they used to before the pandemic, including their time. How can your brand help them let go of bad habits, while encouraging them to take more risks this year?

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