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The Gen Z Show: Future of Online Communities

We recently asked Gen Zers how virtual communities have enabled them to learn new skills and connect in new ways during the pandemic, how digital overload impacts their mental wellness, as well as their predictions to the future of online community building. These Gen Z students at The Knowledge Society also shared how they think online communities provide a safe space for LGBTQIAP+ groups to connect. Watch the latest episode of The Gen Z Show to learn what they told us!

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What can marketers learn from all of this? The pandemic has made Gen Z (deemed the loneliest generation) even more isolated, and your brand's real offering to them during this time is online community. This means more than simply building a community around product ideas and reviews but should centre around your brand's purpose. To win over Gen Z, look to build a presence where your audience is most active, and provide a safe space where they can be themselves. 

Curious to learn what Gen Z predicts will be the biggest changes to the future of society?

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